My New Sneakers : Adidas Superstar

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I don't usually follow fads and fashions, but I have to say I kept seeing outfits on other fashion bloggers with Adidas sneakers and I couldn't help but see they could be a basic in my wardrobe...

I'm not much of a sneakers kind of girl, I love my heels and I would wear them all the time, but I have to admit that lately I've been thinking about my poor feet and a fancy but comfy alternative is the way to go. 

I have a pair of Nike sneakers which are leather and really lovely but they're higher than these and I thought the Adidas would be perfect for the summer. Originally I wanted the Stan Smith but a mistake on ASOS meant I ended up with these white Superstar with black detailing. 
The combination of black and white works with all my wardrobe and the gold lettering looks great too and I wear a lot of golden things too. 
I preferred the smooth toe-caps of the Stan Smith but the lined Superstar ones look much better in person than I had expected!

I have got them in a size 6.5 and I have to say I maybe should've sized up because they feel a little tight, I'm hoping they'll give a bit. 
I am extremely happy with them though, they look very fancy and I feel I look good and at the same time I'm not killing my feet! Perhaps in future I'll go for a pair of Stan Smith in a different colour!

Have you got any Adidas sneakers?

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