Sensilis Velvet Satin Comfort Lipstick 213 Rouge Review and Swatches

Monday, June 13, 2016

Today I want to talk to you about this super creamy red lipstick by the brand Sensilis, which not only thinks about colour makeup but also ingredients which are good for your lips!

I like it when a brand thinks about skincare when formulating their makeup products. I want to believe that I'm not harming my features by using makeup daily, and Sensilis is a brand which has been formulated for sensitive skin and helps to keep your skin looking better and younger. 

I have a few of their products which I'm enjoying and today I wanted to show you one of their bright lipsticks. 

I have to say that the packaging is very sleek and luxurious in the way it looks. It's black with the white lettering and very simple which always looks chic. 
Another feature is that you press the bottom of the lipstick for it to pop out, very fancy indeed!
It even has the word Sensilis written on the lipstick tube, I have to say that they've done a great job!
Sensilis has several formulations depending on the finish and pigmentation, and this one is from the satin range. 

The texture is incredibly creamy, it glides over your lips with ease and it can actually be hard to apply as you can easily overdo it! It's better to use with a lip brush when you apply, especially a colour as bright as this one. 

It's a very hydrating lipstick as it contains Hyaluronic Acid, keeping your lips plumped all day! Another thing I love is that it contains micro-encapsulated Retinol which helps keep your lips looking young because it promotes cell renewal. 

I have to say that the full coverage and the creamy formula leave lips looking full and juicy, which is great for more mature skin. 
Unfortunately the formula is so slippery that I find it bleeds very badly past the natural lip line. This is highly undesirable, especially with such a bright colour. Perhaps it needs to be used with a lip liner or primer to avoid this. 
I wish I had more natural shade to be able to compare, perhaps it's not so bad in a natural shade. I imagine the other lip formulas are better, the matte one for instance, but it's a shame as this one is creamy and comfortable. 
There are 16 different shades in the Satin range, and this one is shade 213 Rouge. It's a bright neutral red, very flattering on all skin tones but also a statement colour. 
It's a shame that it bleeds as this type of colour really needs to stay put!
I am really disappointed that this lipstick bleeds because the formula is creamy and contains active ingredients which are good for your lips. At 21 euros it isn't a cheap lipstick so I think I will have to pass on this formula, perhaps the matte ones are better in that aspect. 
Have you tried their new range of lipsticks? What did you think?

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