Flowing Duster Coat and Fedora

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Last Thursday we had the Lugo Street Market which meant that a lot of the shops in the centre of the city put their clothes and other items for sale outside in the street. Luckily it was a sunny day so it was a perfect little outing for me and little Minnie.

Little Minnie is my mum's dog and she loves to go everywhere with us, we often take her with us to ZARA as all Inditex stores accept dogs! This time as the stands were outside I could have a look at them all. Most of the stores were clothes shops and they all offered some sort of reductions. 

I wore quite a few new things: first of all this gorgeous long flowing black duster coat by ASOS. It's very me and I'm sure I'll use it a lot this year! I absolutely love my fedora hat and I try to wear it as often as possible, I'm channelling my inner American Horror Story Coven, I just love it!

It's a black and white look so I wore my white Hollister distressed jeans which are very flattering and comfortable and my new white casual t-shirt by ZARA.
I really love the slogan, I'm a very happy person so I feel identified with what it says!

I'm trying not to overuse my Michael Kors handbags so today I've got a nude Misako handbag I've had for a few years, it's a convenient size and the colour is very practical. 

I didn't buy anything that day but it was a lovely outing and then we had a lovely cup of tea in the centre with a cupcake. Minnie obviously had a bit of cupcake although I know she really shouldn't, but how can you say no to those cute eyes?

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