Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Review and Swatches

Thursday, April 09, 2015

I was very excited to hear that Marc Jacobs was revamping their lipstick formula, because I wasn't entirely happy with the excessively slippery old formula, let's see if they've done a better job this time!

I had heard wonderful things of these new lipsticks, but as I hadn't been completely won over by the last one I was unsure about buying one. Thankfully they were promoting the new range in Sephora and they gave me this miniature lipstick, in the shade Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. 


Marc Jacobs is a designer, so it's quite logical that the packaging is absolutely amazing. It's super sleek, shiny black with the silver accents. I love the silver dot which is most of his products, it brings all the products together! 
They have a nice weight to them and click into place with a magnet, very luxurious indeed! They have a sticker on the bottom with the shade name and in the colour of the lipstick which makes them easy to tell apart. 

Formula and Finish

I was very happy to get a trial-size because I was quite worried about the formula. They're supposed to be matte and long-wearing, which can sometimes mean the sahara for my lips. 
It's actually very creamy to apply and doesn't drag on the lips. After a few seconds it seems to set and the finish is semi-matte and looks very velvety on the lips with a bit of sheen so it doesn't look flat. 

They're supposed to last up to 10 hours on the lips and if you don't eat or drink it probably would, they even seem to stain the lips slightly. If you drink and eat they last about 5 hours, which is really good.
It doesn't feel drying on the lips but it isn't hydrating either, and as the time passes it feels drier on the lips, although they still look quite plump. As with most matte finishes it's better to have smooth lips to start with. 


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of the most popular shades so I was really glad to get this one. It's described as a baked rose and although it looks a little brown in the tub it's really beautiful and rose on the lips. 
It's very pigmented in one swipe and this shade is a lovely my lips but rosier colour which would suit most skin tones. It brightens up the face but isn't too overpowering so I think it may become one of my favourite everyday colours. 

I'm really happy I got to try the new lipstick range by Marc Jacobs, I am very happy with the formulation and it's definitely better than the older one. There are a lot of lovely bright shades in the range and this type of formula is the best for bold colours as they will stay put. 

They're really lovely and there are some beautiful bright shades, Je T'Aime looks like a gorgeous coral, Magenta is an amazing plummy pink and there are so many amazing reds! I had my eye on Infamous but it's a lighter version of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. 

The lipsticks are quite pricey at 29.90 euros and I can't help but remember that's the price point for the NARS Audacious lipsticks, and I have to say I prefer them as they're creamier and the formula is superior overall. 

Have you tried the new Marc Jacobs lipsticks?

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