Current Spring Fashion Trends I want to Try

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

There are definitely some very noticeable trends this Spring-Summer 2015 and there are some that I would love to give a go, let me show you which!

Shiny Shoes
There seems to be a great trend for silver and golden shoes, and even other shiny colours like rose gold or even blue! 
I'd really love to try this trend, perhaps a pair of high heel silver court shoes to wear with white trousers or jeans. Or some sandals with leather and some rose gold or gold accents. 

The 70s seem to be back, I remember flared jeans were in fashion for a couple of years in the early 90s but now they are back again. I'm not sure I'm ready for the flared trousers because I think this trend will die soon. 
But what I do want to try are tassels! Perhaps not tassels all over but a cute handbag with tassels or a kimono. I think that could be a nice style. 

Gladiator Sandals
I have seen so many Gladiator sandals and tie up shoes that I'm really curious about what they'd look like on me. Many seem to be very flat and I prefer a bit of heel so I'm not sure I'll bite the bullet with this trend but I still find it very beautiful on other people's long, thin legs. 

Double Denim
I must admit that I love denim, I wear it all the time, jeans all year round and a denim jacket specially in the summer. This is an easy trend for me to give a go and yet it needs to be done in just the right way to look classy and not monotonous. 

Temporary Tattoos
The first time I saw them I thought it looked a little brash, all those ultra-shiny tattoos that seemed more appropriate for festivals than anything else. But I have to say that this has grown on me and I think it could look nice for the summer.
I've just had a thought: what do they look like when they start to fade or rub off?

I wonder if these would look good on my shape or if they're the sort that only look good on tall straight girls? They look really trendy in photos but I think I'll have to try these out before I buy because I'm a little curvier than the average model!!

Are you rocking any of these trends? Is there any you'd like to try?

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