Marc Jacobs Beauty #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour palette review and swatches

Friday, May 08, 2015

I'm not too much into the contouring craze, I know many people are obsessed and have super palettes with many different options and colours. I am however very interested in good setting and highlighting powders. Particularly those which won't make my pores look like craters. That's why I picked this up...

I have to admit that this contouring duo hadn't caught my eye at all when I saw it at the Spehra stand. As I said I'm not usually excited by contouring, it can look a bit fake if it isn't done properly and I don't feel that it's important for me to contour daily.

Nevertheless I started to read many great reviews of this Marc Jacobs product, some stating it was a real must-have for the under-eye area, and that sounded really interesting. Next time I was in Sephora I swatched it and #40 Mirage Filter came home with me.
The packaging is super sleek like the whole Marc Jacobs line. It's a large rounded black case, shiny and a magnet for fingerprints. It has a small silver button that you press to open the case. Inside there is a very large mirror and a plastic cover to protect the powders.

I have to say it's a gigantic case and it feels a little flimsy, I don't think it's the best for travelling. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't resist a fall so I am very careful with this enormous powder palette.
Shade options
Supposedly there are three different contour palettes, but in my Sephora store in Spain they said they only had one, which is for medium skin tones: Mirage. The one for lighter skin (Dream Filter) has more of a pink tint to both shades, so I'm quite happy I picked up this one since I have yellow undertones and I think it suits me better.
The one for darker skin is Hi-Fi Filter and it's the most neutral of the three duos. It would be too dark for me.
Mirage Filter has two different cool-toned shades: one to contour and one to highlight.
- The highlighting colour is a very light yellow which blends really nicely and even highlights.
- The contour colour is a cool tan brown which is more of a grey contour colour rather than an orangey bronzer.

The colour of the highlight colour is perfect for the under-eye area as the yellow tone will cancel the bluey cast and it isn't too sallow so you can blend it anywhere in your face.

As for the contour colour I like that it isn't too warm but it can look a little muddy if you overuse it because it's a cooler brown.
This is where the palette excels, it's just amazing! They're very finelly milled powders with an amazingly soft texture which blend amazingly well on the skin. They're quite pigmented, more noticeably so with the contour shade, but as they blend well you needn't worry too much if you overdo it.

The powders are talc-based and so fine that they can seem chalky when you swatch with the fingers but they blend seamlessly on the skin. They don't contain fragrance which is good for the skin. 

Both powders are free of glitter or particles which may highlight pores, but the finish isn't flat matte on the skin. It's more of a satin finish with dimension which doesn't look powdery or fake. 
The highlighter seems to make pores and fine lines disappear, which is one of the reasons why I'm so impressed. I would use it not only as a highlighter but to illuminate the skin in general or in the under-eye area. 
As for the contour shade it can be a bit uneven and look muddy if you apply too much. It's better to use it gradually and build up the colour. At least it blends really well so you can use a clean brush to correct any mistakes. 
This Marc Jacobs contour palette could seem a little pricy at 49.90 euros but the size of the powders is really good. You get 0.31 oz of each powder, so 0.62 oz in total which is really good if you compare with other brands. 
I'm really happy I bought this contour palette, I had read glowing reviews and this product didn't disappoint. One is always a little wary with designer brands, and there have been some Marc Jacobs products that haven't lived up to my expectations, but these powders are excellent. 

I will definitely be using this contour duo when I want a perfected finish to the skin and I think it'll look great in photos. I also think it's a great option for those who want to try out contouring because these powders are incredibly easy to blend so they're a safe bet!

Have you tried any Marc Jacobs products?

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