NARS St Paul de Vence Duo and Valhalla Single Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Something completely amazing happened to me: NARS got in touch with me via Twitter!! I had a real fangirl moment and squealed with excitement, I still can't believe it to this day!
They sent me a lovely little parcel to thank me for being a loyal NARSissist and today I wanted to show you the contents and do a review as I've been using them a lot.
As soon as I got the parcel I had to rip it open to see what I got. It all came in a sleek black NARS paper bag and I was really excited to see I even had a little letter. I never thought they'd personally write a note to me, it's such a lovely gesture by NARS to acknowledge their fans (I certainly am one!).
I had no idea what I was getting so it was such a thrill to see these two little NARS cases wrapped with a beautiful black bow. It was almost too cute to unwrap so the blogger in me took plenty of photos before checking what lovely things I had been sent. 
Of all the things I could have been sent I was incredibly lucky to get an eyeshadow duo and a single. And the best is that they're from the recent Spring 2015 "Nude Scene" Color collection. Tilda Swinton was the face for that collection and she's a pale woman so this collection could be perfect for a pale girl like me! When it came out in stores I thought the collection was perfect for everyday use, but as I was trying to save some money I didn't feel there were any products that were worth splurging on. I was very wrong as you will soon read. 
NARS Valhalla Single Eyeshadow

This single eyeshadow may not seem too exciting, it's a peachy pink shade with pale pink glitter, but it's a lovely shade to use as a wash of colour all over the lid and then use a bit of liner to define. 
It's a pale colour as you can see, and although it may seem a little powdery it does pigment and there is a lovely sheen to it. You needn't worry about the glitter because I didn't suffer any fallout and on the lid it seems more of a sheen than sparkle. 

I was really happy to receive this eyeshadow because it's a classic but not-so-easy-to-find colour that you can use all over the lid. The warm tone really compliments me and it's lovely for blue and green eyes. 
It's also a lovely shade to brighten the inner corner of the eye and it works perfectly with the duo included in my gift!

NARS St Paul de Vence Eyeshadow Duo
I really enjoy the single eyeshadow, but I have to admit that this duo has me completely head over heels in love! I'm really glad I got the chance to try it because it's now one of my favourite duos, which is a big statement indeed. 

The left eyeshadow is described as a shimmering nectarine and the right as a chestnut. Although it may not seem that orange in the pan it definitely has strong orange undertones on my pale skin, and that colour really flatters my green eyes. 
As for the chestnut shade, it's a reddish brown with a satin finish which is almost matte once blended out. 

The texture of both shadows is soft and they're pigmented and easy to work with. You can blend them out easily or wear them in a more intense manner. They really compliment each other and they can be used together or each on their own. I have also combined these shades with the single eyeshadow and they work so well together they could've made a great quad with a darker chocolate shade!

I really love this duo because the quality is great and the shades are very wearable for everyday use and yet are quite interesting. They're also great summery colours!

Final thoughts

I'd really like to thank NARS for their sweet gesture, I'm so happy with the products and I'm extremely happy to have had the chance to try out such lovely shadows. 
NARS eyeshadows apparently can be hit or miss, but I have to say that these three shades are absolutely brilliant and I really suggest you take a look at these shades if you get the chance, as I think they could be perfect staples. 

What is your favourite eyeshadow staple for everyday use?

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