Tom Ford Sweet Spot Lip Color Sheer Review and Swatches

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Today I have an extremely beautiful lipstick to show you, not only on the outside but also on the inside. The whole Tom Ford Summer 2015 collection was absolutely stunning and I thought I wouldn't get to try anything out, as I'm on a strict no-buy.
I was very very lucky however to get to try this gorgeous lipstick and I can't wait to show it to you.

I really can't believe my luck lately, not only was I sent some gorgeous eyeshadows by NARS (you can read all about that amazing dream come true) but I also won a giveaway! I used to take part in giveaways on blogs and youtube channels, but as I never win anything I gave up on it altogether.
But then the gorgeous Bubbly Michelle had a giveaway for a Tom Ford lipstick from the summer collection, and I really couldn't let that pass. I took part on Instagram and forgot all about it.

About a week later I got a message from the lovely Michelle saying I had won, I just couldn't believe it! I was incredibly excited and when I received the parcel I couldn't believe my eyes because she had also included one of the new Urban Decay blushes, a cute little ceramic bunny and the most heartfelt note I could imagine.
It was a really sweet gesture to congratulate me on my wedding and it was such a lovely gift, I am so thankful to her! Make sure you follow her blog because she's stunning, she takes amazing photos and her reviews are spot on.

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers
Tom Ford is the most luxurious brand for me, particularly because I can't buy it in Spain and it's even difficult to purchase online. My first ever Tom Ford products were the mini lipsticks from the Lips & Boy collection which you can check out in my review.

This time I have another lipstick, but it's a Lip Color Sheer. They have been designed to be a bit translucent and the formula includes moisturizing ingredients like Shea Butter, Vitamin C  and E and natural oils. These lipsticks are perfect to wear in summer because they're lightweight and hydrating.

The Tom Ford Soleil 2015 summer collection came with 4 lipsticks: two of them were repromoted shades: Sweet Spot and Paradiso, whereas the other two were new: Skinny Dip and Rose Soleil. They're a mix of nudes and brights and they're perfect for the summer.
These limited-edition lipsticks come with their own special packaging which is incredibly chic. Instead of the usual sleek black, these come in a perfect white casing with gold accents. This is the sort of packaging you'll just love to take out in public!

They feel incredibly luxurious, they're heavy and you can tell they're well made. I have also noticed that the white doesn't attract fingerprints and the material it's made of means it doesn't get dirty easily, even though it's white.

You also get the characteristic TF initials on the lid and also on the lipstick bullet, although that will disappear after a couple of applications, which is always a great shame!
Sweet Spot is the sort of colour that has been made for me. It is an orangey peach with a noticeably warm undertone which works perfectly on my skin tone.
Coral is a colour I really love and this one is the perfect balance between orange and peach. This shade will really brighten up your face without looking too over the top.

If you've never tried this type of colour I really suggest you do, as they add warmth to the complexion and it's a perfect summery colour.
I like to pair this type of colour with blue, green and purple eyeshadows, but if you aren't brave enough it'll look stunning with more neutral shades too.
Formula and Finish
I expected this formula to be really sheer as the name suggests, but I was happily surprised to find out that the coverage is actually medium and offers noticeable pigmentation. You can still see my lip colour shining through slightly, but you will be surprised by the pay off.

It's incredibly comfortable to wear, you can really feel the hydrating ingredients as it melts into the lips and it offers a beautifully shiny finish. The shiny finish it very flattering and it doesn't enhance lip lines or chapped lips.
As it's a sheer and moisturizing lipstick it isn't the most long lasting, but I did get over 3 hours wear and it fades nicely. It's so comfortable to wear that you won't mind reapplying, and your lips will feel hydrated all the time.

As the formula is very emollient it can gather on the inner rim of the lips, which has happened to me and I find incredibly annoying. To avoid this, try not to use too much product or build up the colour. You needn't worry about it migrating past the lip as it seems to blend with the lips and stay fixed in a way.
I am incredibly pleased to have had the chance to own such a luxurious lipstick. The colour is perfect for the summer as it brightens the face but doesn't look over the top thanks to it's semi-sheer formula. I was very pleased to find out that it offers more coverage and lasting power than expected. Sometimes you feel a little silly to be spending tonnes of money on a barely-there formula.

I am a little annoyed that the lipstick can bunch up along my inner lip rim, it happens with a lot of my lipsticks and I never know how to avoid it. This happens specially when I'm teaching as I have to talk a lot.
They're definitely a splurge at £38 but I have to say that the formula and finish is very luxurious and the colours in this collection were spot on. Whether you're ready to spend so much on a single lipstick or not is entirely up to you. I certainly wish I had some extra cash to buy Rose Soleil and Paradiso, they're the other two I have my eye on! They're still for sale on Selfridges and they re-released the summer faves on the Tom Ford website.

Have you got any Tom Ford lip color sheers?

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