What's a cosmetics factory like? Getting to know Rizzola

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

I had an amazing opportunity recently, I got to find out what it's like to work in a cosmetics company and the work it takes to develop a new product. We often hope for miraculous products to help us look and feel the best, and it was really interesting to see the amount of hours researching and testing out new cosmetic treatments.
A group of bloggers and I were invited to Rizzola Cosmetics S.L. which is a Galician company, founded in A Coruña which is quite close to where I live, go figure! They manufacture professional cosmetics which they sell to beauty salons, that is why I had never heard of them. 
They produce a wide variety of products which are formulated and developed in their laboratory by chemists who painstakingly test out new combinations make high quality treatments. That day we got to know one of their new hair treatments. 
Densia Bio-Plastia Treatment by Rizzola

The reason we were invited to their factory in Coruña was to get to know a little about their latest treatment: Densia. They claim to have created the first capillary treatment to redensify our hair fibers from the inside out. 
They wanted to create a product to act like "botox" for the hair, not only improving appearance but truly repairing and regenerating from within. It contains more than 40 natural active principals, and no parabens. It combines different types of marine collagen and elastin to improve our hair, make it more voluminous and nourished. 

The full Densia treatment consists of an initial treatment at a hair salon followed by the use of a shampoo and sea fluid at home which you can purchase at the beauty salon. We were very lucky to be given a set of shampoo and sea fluid to use at home, but we're supposed to have the initial treatment at the salon first. 
I was hoping to give you a better review on the treatment itself but there aren't any salons nearby so I haven't had the chance to give it a go yet. If and when I do, I will make sure to tell you what I think!
Central Park Coruña brunch

I suppose they're afraid that us bloggers will get "hangry" if we aren't fed, so we were treated to an especially yummy brunch, courtesy of Central Park Coruña
It's lovely to see young people taking over traditional cafés and offering all sorts of exciting and homemade products for breakfast and even brunch! Brunch was a completely unknown concept here in Spain until not that long ago. 

We had all sorts of homemade cakes and pastries, cheesecake, rice pudding, eggs benedict and some healthy options like fresh fruit and juice. If I ever need brunch and I'm in Coruña I'll make sure to visit one of their cafés as it was all lovely and they were very nice too. 
Visiting the Rizzola factory and lab

Not only did they invite us to brunch and to get to know their new star treatment, we also got the chance to go behind the scenes to see how they develop and manufacture their products. 
As I studied veterinary, I have often spent time in labs at factories; a lot of hard work goes into this line of work. You have to be very patient and meticulous and not many people know long it takes to develop a product that can be used safely and sold to the masses. 
We had the chance to make our own Densia shampoo, by adding supplements to the base product. In my case I mixed a pipette of Argan Oil which will help nourish my dry hair, but there were other options which we all though was very interesting. 

Not only do they make shampoos, they were also testing out new hair colours, they use yak hair which is perfect to see what the colour looks like and how it fades and reacts. It isn't an easy job as there are many steps before the final product can be legally commercialized. And every time they change the laws on certain chemical components they need to reformulate as soon as possible!
It was wonderful to spend the day getting to know this local cosmetics company. Not only did I have the chance to see the inner workings of this factory and try out their products, I was also very happy to discover a company like this so near where I live! 

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