Burberry Kisses Hydrating Lip Color in Military Red Review and Swatches

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I've been a bad blogger, I really should've shown you this lipstick a long time ago because I've had it for ages! Better late than never, so it's time I showed you this super bright lippie from this iconic fashion brand!

Your eyes aren't deceiving you: this is a small sample size! The most amazing thing is that it was sent directly to me from Burberry because I took part in a Twitter promotion they had; you only needed to be invited to try it out and you could invite someone else! Now that's what I call excellent marketing.
The packaging is lovely as it's a designer brand so they take care of things like that. I love the checked printing on the casing and the lipstick itself. So unique and so Burberry! I love it!
I am a little worried of it breaking as it's a tiny lipstick and I've actually read that some of the regular sized ones have actually broken at the base, so I'll be extra careful!
I used to be super scared of reds when I first started wearing makeup as it's a bright colour, and boy this lipstick is bright!! This is a classic bright red, perhaps the sort that would suit any skin tone as it's a neutral red. 
The best about this formulation is that it isn't full coverage, it's a bit sheer on first swipe, but the lipstick is easily buildable to full coverage as you can see in the photos. This is very interesting because if you aren't brave you can apply a light layer for a bit of colour. 

I'm also really happy to inform that it's incredibly comfortable. It feels slick and moisturizing from the first moment and although it dries down a bit it feels lovely on the lips the whole day!
As for the finish, you're left with juicy and shiny lips that look kissable, as the name suggests. They aren't tacky and it seems to dry down a little but they feel nice on the lips. 
Buildable sheer lipsticks aren't the most long-lasting, it'll depend on the colour, this red one leaves a stain on the lips and fades quite evenly but this formula isn't meant to be the most long-wearing. 

Overall I'm impressed with the formulation as it's moisturizing and buildable to an impressive pigmentation. It's an incredibly bright colour which makes my skin look snow white, but I get why it's so popular! 
It costs £26 and I think it's quite a reasonable price for a high end designer brand such as Burberry, think of the price of the new Louboutin lipsticks! You're obviously paying the design and name but at least the lipstick is high quality.

Have you got any sheer reds?

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