Charlotte Tilbury & Norman Parkinson Dreamy Glow Highlighter Review and Face Swatches

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Oh my gosh Charlotte Tilbury released a limited edition collection! And it's beautiful! I really didn't expect to try anything from this lovely collaboration with Norman Parkinson as I'm on strict no-buy, but I was lucky enough to receive this gem for my birthday!
Let's take a look at this dreamy highlighter!

The Dreamy Glow is a limited edition "peaches and cream" highlighter which has been designed to give the skin a soft "mood-lit glow" and a "soft-focus effect". It's supposed to be the "perfect blend of pearl and pigment to enhance the complexion, transitioning skin from winter to golden summer"
This sounds absolutely dreamy indeed!
Norman Parkinson Collaboration
I have come to hate limited edition collections, some brands release them too often and it can be stressful to keep up with them. I have even noticed that sometimes the quality isn't on par with the regular line as they are churned out too quickly. 
As a blogger I also dislike these limited edition products as once the hype wears down you can't really feature them in future posts as they're impossible to get a hold of! Even so, when I saw Charlotte Tilbury's limited edition collection I couldn't help but swoon!

Norman Parkinson was a British photographer became famous for his portrait and fashion photography in Vogue magazines in the 50s. This collaboration is so special because some of his photos are featured in the amazing packaging of this collection. 
The Dreamy Glow highlighter is housed in a rose gold metallic case with this photo of Carmen dell'Orefice by Norman Parkinson from the 1959 Vogue magazine. The photo is under a glossy plastic cover and it's really reminiscent of times past. 

This is a compact highlighter which contains 0.42 oz of product compacted into this lovely case. It comes with a nice mirror and although the closure can be a bit fidgety, the packaging is gorgeous, as the rest of this collection. It is a matter of opinion though, and with such a characteristic look I'm surer there will be people who detest the packaging. 

Charlotte Tilbury describes this highlighter as "peaches and cream" (don't you just love makeup colour descriptions!). In my eyes it's quite a pinky peach with golden shimmer, depending on your skin tone this highlighter will seem more golden or pink in shade from what I've seen. 

It isn't a very light shade, in very light complexions such as mine the colour is quite noticeable, especially when layered, but in darker skin tones it'll be perfect. 
Depending on your complexion you'll be able to use it as a highlighter, to add oomph to your blush or as an overall powder. I'm so fair and yellow-toned that I find it's too dark and rosy-toned to use as a highlighter, but it's lovely over blush!
Formula and Finish
The formulation is really amazing, it's a powder highlighter which is so velvety and soft that you could almost say it's buttery. It's incredibly finely milled so the texture is very smooth on the skin and does not enhace pores, something I'm always worried about with highlighters. 

It doesn't have large glitter particles, it's a very subtle shimmer that adds a glow to the skin without looking frosted. It's a subtle highlighter, perhaps too much so as Stacey from Expat Makeup Addict feels, but you can use it to add warmth all over the face or layer it for more of a glowy effect over blush. 

Something I love about Charlotte Tilbury's face powders is that they seem to smooth your face instead of enhancing fine lines and pores, and this highlighter is no exception! The formula and finish is really good!
In these two photos you can see what it looks like, first in normal light and the second with the light hitting on the highlight to see the glow. 
Without taking into account the packaging (some people may buy just for the limited edition packaging) the powder highlighter is actually really good. The formulation is great and the finish is very glowy on the skin. 

Nevertheless it is a subtle highlighter and if you're looking for a very striking one this one may fail to impress. If you're very fair such as I am you may find it too dark to use as a highlighter but you can still make good use as a blush topper or even to add warmth all over the skin with a large fluffy brush. 

It's a fairly large compact containing 0.42 oz of product and at £45 it isn't too badly priced considering that Chanel is more expensive for less amount of product. It's still available to purchase at the Charlotte Tilbury website which now ships abroad! If you like it I'd suggest you pick it up before they all disappear!

Which is your favourite highlighter?

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