#StyleDuel Holiday Party Look by Mi Pequeño Vestidor

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas is so near!! Now in the holidays there are a lot of special events to go to and if you're looking for inspiration I've got some special looks to show you...

I couldn't wait to show you this special collaboration with Gala Group, I've joined another two bloggers to show you ideas for outfits, hairstyles and makeup for parties these holidays.

We will start with three looks we've chosen at Mi Pequeño Vestidor  an incredibly original store in Lugo which also sells online. If you're looking for a different type of outfit for a special event we think these three options will be great.

I'm wearing a very naif dress but also very sophisticated with a bell skirt and tightly fitting sleeveless bodice. It features a rose gold and black brocade design which I think is really original!

As for the shoes, they're by Cuplé and I thought they looked amazing with this look. They're pointed court shoes that tie up the ankles. This type of shoes have been very much in fashion this year and these black high heel ones are very elegant and yet add a tough touch!

As for the hairstyle, I cannot believe the amazing work by Gala Group beauty salon for this outfit. I am wearing an updo with a high bun, braid and ponytail which is super sophisticated and modern, contrasting with the antique style of the dress.
The makeup is also by the beauty salon and matches the look, using pink tones with thick faded eyeliner, natural but perfected skin and soft pink lips.
The full look is perfect for a special Christmas party, do you think it beats the other looks?

Here my look "fights" against my blogger buddies' looks by Mi Pequeño Vestidor.
Raquel has a plain but sophisticated wine coloured dress with three quartered sleeves whereas Adara has combined some loose trousers and sexy top for a modern and sparkly finish.  

Who do you think has won the battle?
Go to my friends' blogs to check out their full looks:

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