The End of an Amazing Year

Friday, December 30, 2016

Only a couple of days left of 2016 and I can't help but feel a little sad that such an amazing year is reaching its end. Today I wanted to recap this year with you, it has been such an incredible one that it's worth looking back and thanking all the people that made this year unforgettable!

Not all the year was good, we lost loved ones, my grandmother dying in January was a shock and so sad. She has always been an inspiration to me and I have some of her traits. She was such an active and creative person: writing for the local newspaper, pantomimes, painting, photography... I think my love for photography and blogging comes from her.
I will really miss my grandparents, I wish they could've met my future children!
After February my husband and I got into the wedding planning more seriously. We met up with our wedding planner, The Love Forest, and I had quite a clear idea by then of what I wanted. It was such a fun experience to make my vision come true, and the wedding planner was such a help because she quickly understood what I wanted and could make it happen!

In the blogger world I got the wonderful opportunity to attend some great events: the Sensilis event was a real highlight. Rego Lodos Pharmacy organized an amazing evening for us bloggers, we tried out wonderful products and had lots of fun with fellow bloggers!
I also tried out some amazing Martiderm products, this year I have really discovered some great dermocosmetic lines which are available at special pharmacies such as Rego Lodos.
Other events I was thankful to be invited to were the IKEA collection releases, such as the GILTIG collection you can read about. I think it's great that the home design industry is collaborating closely with the fashion industry.

April was a very exciting month because we travelled to Scotland with our photographer Manu Díaz and videographer Diego Carro to do our engagement session. It was an amazing experience because we saw beautiful places, it was incredibly romantic and I absolutely loved being a model and "actress" for three days. I realized that being in front of the cameras was something I actually enjoyed a lot.
It was a physically tough trip as it was very cold, I was only wearing a dress and we had to walk up mountains! It was all worth it and you should really take a look at the amazing photos in the Engagement Session album.
You can also watch the video with the photos and the making of, I will leave the two videos down below:
Also in April we had the first large blogger event in my hometown Lugo. It was organized by the beauty salon Gala Group and it was such a fun and educational experience, you can read about it at the Hairdresser Blogger Event
By June most of the wedding planning was fully organized and I have to say that we weren't stressed at all, although we were quite busy. I attended a Frezyderm event by Rego Lodos Pharmacy which was very fancy and the products are excellent!

On the 2nd of July we tied the knot. It was the most amazing and beautiful day and everything was better than I even could have imagined. I arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and we said our own personal vows in the beautiful grounds at Val dos Soños. 
I got married in a beautiful Jenny Packham gown from Tul Novias and I had two pairs of shoes: some Jimmy Choo sandals for the ceremony and some Valentino Rockstuds for the dance. My husband looked really dapper in a full Caramelo look and he surprised me many times during the day with some thoughtfully romantic gestures. 
Right after the wedding we headed on our honeymoon to Japan and then Bali. It was an amazing trip because we had never expected to travel to Japan and we both loved it. The people were really nice, we loved the cultural differences and the food was excellent, even my husband was pleasantly surprised!
Bali was the second part of the trip and was more like the traditional honeymoon, we had a beautiful luxury hut in the jungle and we celebrated my birthday with a private candlelit dinner by the river. It was a very romantic trip although we both got sick at different points of the journey!
When we got back I soon discovered I had got pregnant on our honeymoon! It was unexpected as we didn't think we'd get pregnant so soon, but we were both filled with joy and happiness. You can hear about our feelings and my first trimester in these videos: 
In November I went to visit my brother, it was a lovely break and I was super naughty because I visited the Chanel boutique and treated myself to a little Chanel. I bought myself a wallet on chain and you can watch the unboxing in this video: 
I also went with my blogger friends from Lugo to Runway Galicia, it was a great experience to sit on the front row, you can read all about it in this post: Runway Galicia. The best about being a blogger is meeting wonderful girls you can share your passion with!
December was the blogging month! I had so many blogging events and opportunities, I'm so grateful! We attended a Korean Beauty Masterclass by David Makeup, hosted by Rego Lodos Pharmacy. I tried out some new products and I have added many to my wishlist, I was impressed by the brand Erborian which I had never tried before. 
Another December highlight was the Style Duel, an idea by Gala Group and in collaboration with some lovely local stores. My Lugo blogger friends and I modeled  some great party looks for the holiday season, you really must check them out if you missed them:
This has definitely been an amazing year for me, and it has all been thanks to the people around me. Not only my husband and family but also blogger buddies, like Adara and Raquel who I now consider friends. And of course thanks to the brands and companies which have supported me and help me show you new and interesting products. 

But above all my blog and youtube channel wouldn't make any sense without you, my readers and followers. You are my online family and friends and I always want to tell you my news, share my thoughts and help you find better products or avoid the not so good ones. 

So thank you everyone involved in my life, I can't wait for 2017!

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