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Thursday, August 03, 2017

As fashion lovers you have all asked me a lot about the shoes I wore to the wedding, let's say I had more than one pair and I got a little carried away...
Let me show you what shoes I wore for my wedding day!

I made a novice mistake with the shoes, I was convinced I would have a particular style of wedding dress so I started looking for wedding shoes before I had the dress. I really don't suggest you do so, or you may end up with an expensive pair of shoes that doesn't quite match the dress. 
My mother very kindly gave me a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo sandals for Christmas, they are the Elaine crystal-embellished satin sandals. We didn't have the dress at the time and we weren't sure they'd quite match but they were beautiful ivory strappy sandals which I could wear with a pair of jeans or with dresses in summer so I was over the moon to receive them. 

Luckily enough the sandals matched the dress perfectly for the ceremony, they were comfortable and dainty and made the look very romantic. My parents also gave me a lucky sixpence which my brother taped to the sandals on the morning on my wedding day as you can see in the photos. 

When I was looking at photos of brides I stumbled upon a bride who wore a pair of Valentino Rockstuds with her wedding dress and I fell completely in love with them. They defined the rocker chic side of me and gave an edgy touch to the look. 
I really didn't need them at all of course, and yet I couldn't get the idea out of my head and I convinced myself that they could be a pair of shoes to wear in other occasions too! So I treated myself to a pair of Valentino Rockstud 100 mm slingback pumps in the colour poudre. They're a powdery pinky grey which looked good with my ivory dress and weren't stark white. 

I decided to wear them for the dance, they're surprisingly comfortable considering how tall they are, and they hold my ankle well. 
One of the gifts for the women attending the wedding were rollable ballerina slippers. We had planned to do some traditional ceilidh dancing so I though it would be a good idea so all the women could dance. 
I chose them to look like my Valentino Rockstuds, they were grey with a line of studs and really comfortable. The best is that they can be rolled away and kept in your handbag when going out at night.
What sort of shoes would you like for your wedding?

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