Our Wedding : Photos and Video

Thursday, August 10, 2017

After spending so many months preparing the wedding the day comes and goes in a flash so I think it's very important to have a way to remember and show others the big day.
Today I'm going to talk about two key providers: the photographer and videographer.  

In my opinion there is no doubt that there should be at least one professional photographer at the wedding. It is true that nowadays everyone has a camera and there is always that one friend or family member with a DSLR, but even so I think one must hire a specialist to photograph the day. 
Firstly because we don't want to burden someone you know with that great responsibility, and secondly because perhaps they don't have the experience or means to capture the key moments, and that would be a real pity. 

I have seen many wedding photographers who take a good set of pictures of the day, but then I saw  Manu Díaz Fotografía Emotiva's work and it's something out of this world. I don't know how he does it but each wedding shoot doesn't have just a couple of great shots, every single photo is outstanding. And the best is that he is able to capture the magic of the moment without the need of boring poses. 
I was a little worried at first that it was only one photographer but I have to say that he is everywhere at all times and doesn't miss a single detail, and the best is that he gives you the digital files, without having to pay for each extra copy. 
I don't think it's necessary for me to talk to you anymore about Manu Díaz, you have already seen my impressive photos from the engagement shoot in Scotland, all the magical wedding photos as well as the unforgettable pregnancy shots. 
If I considered the photography as something important, the video is even more so. Not only is it something not many people can do well, it also captures much better the atmosphere, sensations and emotions, as well as the sounds and voices. 

You have to remember that in future perhaps some of the people who were at your wedding might not be at your side, but when you watch the video you will remember them as they were, not only their image but also expressions, voice and movement. We can also show other people who weren't there on the day and they will feel as if they were magically transported to that moment. 

I always thought that wedding videos were long, boring and more for the family to watch. All that changed when we met Diego Carro. I had never met a person which such an ability to capture the magic of a personal story. For him it isn't only a matter of recording what happens but also telling a tale, and he managed to tell ours in the most beautiful way we ever could have imagined. 
I have seen our photos a handful of times, but I have to confess I've watched the video countless times, and I'm always moved when I do so. Not only that, it managed impress and move my husband, something which isn't easy. 

Not only do we have the wedding video which is like the best film I've ever seen but with us as the main characters, we also have all the video clips which were recorded on the day, in their original format without editing. I can basically watch the whole of my wedding, see all the details and guests, each and every moment I maybe wasn't able to see on the day. 
Organizing a wedding can be very costly, but something I'm sure about is that it's worth getting a good photographer and videographer because once the day has gone by that is what will be left, helping you to remember and to show other people!

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