Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray Review

Monday, August 28, 2017

Girls with oily or combination skin like me often have a tough time getting makeup to last long without looking shiny or breaking down. Urban Decay in collaboration with Skindinavia have developed a setting spray just for the job. Is it any good?

Urban Decay has developed a weightless spray which is supposed to keep skin looking matte for longer, keeping shine at bay and keeping foundation, blush and eyeshadow from smudging. 

Urban Decay claims that it has Temperature Control Technology to lower the temperature of your makeup so it lasts longer, but looking into the ingredient list I have to say that's probably isn't the case. 
It actually has film-forming agents such as PVP and Menthyl Methacrylate Cross Polymer which create a protective layer much like hairspray does. It forms a barrier which seals makeup so it doesn't fade or smudge so easily. 
It also contains a high amount of alcohol which helps the product dry out quickly so it isn't tacky on the skin, unfortunately this can also dry out the skin. 

At least doesn't contain parabens, sulphates or phthalates but it has fragrance ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. 
How to Use
You start by shaking the bottle well to make sure the formula is well mixed and you hold the bottle away from the face with your eyes closed, spraying two to four times in the shape of an "X" and "T". 

It delivers a very fine mist that you can barely feel on your skin. At first it feels a little wet and tacky but it dries quickly and you won't even feel it's there. 
It's supposed to be used over makeup to seal it in but some people also use it before applying makeup on clean skin a bit like a primer, for a stronger effect. 

I find that this setting spray helps the makeup look matte for longer, preventing smudging and excessive shine with my combination skin. It's what I choose to use when I have a night out or a long day and I want my makeup to last as long as possible, as I find it really does make a difference. 

I even apply it over mascara and eyeshadow as I haven't found that it smudges that either. Thankfully it doesn't feel sticky and it won't feel like you are wearing anything at all. 
If you have combination or oily skin you're probably obsessed with excessive shine that appears over time. I'm sure you will have tried primers, matte foundations, powders, all sorts of things. 
I remember getting my makeup done at a salon many years ago for a wedding and they sprayed hairspray on my face. This is a similar idea although it's weightless and your face won't feel tacky. 

Unfortunately the ingredients aren't wonderful and the way it works is forming a film over the makeup as well as mattifying by drying out the skin with alcohol. 
I think it's the sort of product to use from time to time for special occasions, not every day. 
Also if you have very oily skin it won't be enough as it isn't treating the excessive oil production in any way like other primers do. 

I still use it whenever I have a long special day and I want my makeup to last, but I wouldn't use it daily. I would recommend you give it a go if you have combination skin and want something for special events. 
Have you ever tried a setting spray?

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