Benefit Roller Lash Mascara review

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

When I heard about the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara being given away as a sample with the latest Elle UK magazine one month before its release I was a little jealous. We aren't getting that in Spain and I was pretty sure that it would be completely sold out by the time I was in the UK to visit my brother.
As soon as I landed in Stansted I walked past the WHSmiths at the airport and low and behold the magazine was still available! I really couldn't believe my luck so I quickly picked it up so I could try this new mascara. For the price of £4 I thought it was great to get the chance to try out a new makeup item and also have a large glossy magazine to read!

I had read a couple of reviews about this mascara and how it is supposed to mimic a hair roller, with small hooks to catch your lashes and help curl them and coat them with product. I have to admit I thought that was a gimmick and that I would be writing that it's no good, but I have to admit it works pretty well!

The packaging is a little brash to me; a mixture of black and pink, it's much nicer in this deluxe sample version, but I'm not really fussed with the packaging to be honest. The most important thing is the mascara wand itself: it's quite a small curled plastic wand with lots of tiny bristles, supposedly with hooks to catch your lashes and help curl them. I truly don't notice anything different to any other mascara when applying, I thought I'd feel the mascara catching my lashes but I personally can't tell.

Nevertheless the effects are very visible: it visibly curls and lengthens the lashes and very easily. It's quite a wet formula and if you apply many coats it can clump the lashes together a bit, but with a couple of coats it's enough and you'll get long curly separate lashes. I don't have much of a problem holding a curl usually and this mascara lasts all day without smudging or flaking.

As for my bottom lashes, the effect is really visible too: the wand is slim enough to use on them and it makes them look really long and doll-like. If you like that effect you'll really enjoy this mascara. Here in this photo you can see the difference between my eyes very clearly.

Overall I'm pleased with this mascara. I think I even prefer it to Benefit They're Real mascara which had quite a hard plastic wand which hurt me sometimes. This mascara gives you noticeably long lashes and at £19.50 RRP it'll probably be quite the hit. But I must say the biggest hit is getting this freebie with the magazine! If you can still buy it make sure you do because it's well worth it!

Have you had the chance to try it out?

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