Preparing a short stay in London : what to do, what to take, deals and events

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

If you hadn't noticed by now, I love travelling and so does my boyfriend so we try to travel whenever we can. We're going to London for four days so I'll be talking you through my preparations for the trip.

The other day I spoke to you about the most basic first steps organizing my trip to London and today I'll be talking about the next steps in the preparation for few days away!

Things to do

I don't like to have absolutely everything planned but I find it's always a great idea to outline what things we can do and what places we can visit in our destination. I usually look up the most well-known places to see and make a list on my phone with timetables, prices and a brief description of the place. Like that on the day we can decide where we want to go.

We don't want to feel like we have to visit every single landmark but it's nice to have a list of typical places and things to see just in case!
What to take

Travelling low-cost usually means weight restrictions and a small hand luggage so I like to plan in advance what clothes and things to take on our trip. A couple of weeks before we go I start to make a small pile of clothes I may take, making sure they're clean and ironed. I always do this because otherwise I'd probably use them without realizing and they might not get washed and ironed in time!

The same goes for beauty products, I like to make sure I have all I need and pack either small sizes or samples if I'm only taking hand luggage. You can also buy some small containers to decant the amount of product you want to take but I usually seem to manage with samples!
Events and discounts

Another thing I always try to do is look up what special events might be taking place on the days we're travelling. Sometimes you may find some really special celebration or exhibition which you'd never have found out about otherwise. I find that the official tourist information website of the destination is the best place to look.

We mustn't forget to look for deals and discounts, you'd be surprised the amount of tips and tricks out there which may help you save a lot of money! In the case of London I found that National Rail has 2x1 vouchers on all attractions in London if you purchase a train ticket or Travelcard! This could be a great deal so it's always clever to have a look around in travel forums or specialist websites.
Have you got any tips for my short stay in London?

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