Our Wedding : The Bouquet and Flowers

Monday, July 31, 2017

One day I read that the one thing which defines a bride is the bouquet. Nowadays people get married in any clothing but the bouquet seems to show that it is a bride. 

I have seen many weddings decorated without many flowers at all, and although it can be really beautiful I couldn't imagine my wedding without flowers! 
When I started thinking about the colour palette for my wedding I immediately knew I wanted bright colors because it defines my sunny character. I looked at many pictures on Pinterest and I started to make an album with bouquets that I liked. 

I also wanted something a bit special, and I found some flowers which looked really different. Again I was combining the British vintage feel with the more modern and original. But I didn't have an exact bouquet, I had an album full of bouquets I liked, I needed help!

Who better than the amazing Pando Floristas? I had heard of them a lot in the wedding world, they made my sister-in-law's bouquet and it was beautiful. Their instagram is full of amazing bouquets, original flower decor and they're very tasteful. 
I was a little worried about taking a bouquet I had never seen before, but they seemed to understand perfectly what I wanted and when I saw my bouquet for the first time I was in awe! It was perfect!

The flowers used for the bouquet were also the ones used for the whole wedding, for the centerpieces, garlands, various bouquets and flower arrangements. 
The stars of the flower arrangements were the large coral peonies and the proteus. I was very lucky to have the peonies as we weren't sure if they would be open for that date. Then I also had spray roses and carthamus, as well as olive branches as a base. 

I think it was the perfect combination of British, Spanish, modern and vintage, classic and original. It really defined me and it was a stunning combination of flowers and colours. I got a lot of compliments on the flower arrangements and bouquet!

But that wasn't the only botanic decor we had. I wanted the effect of having tea in a garden so we bought a whole load of trees, including oak and olive, to place between the tables. I would have loved to have even more trees to make an even thicker forest but it was crazy logistically and in cost. 
I think it was really original and nobody believed it would look so good! The owners of the venue were great to let me take a whole load of trees into their banquet hall!

What colours would you like for your wedding?

Flowers by Pando Floristas
Wedding Decor by The Love Forest

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