Our Wedding : The Decor

Monday, July 24, 2017

One of the things us girls most enjoy when planning a wedding is the decor, imagining how we can style our big day! And trust me, the options can be endless. 
Let me show you our wedding decor and inspiration and tell you how we achieved it!

When I started imagining my wedding I had no idea what it would be like. Some dream with their wedding from childhood, but I had never put much thought into it. I knew someday I wanted to get married but I hadn't actually imagined what it would be like.
The very first thing I did was browse Pinterest, without much of a clue. The options on there are literally endless, you can search by wedding theme, colour, etc. My favourite colour is red and for a while I contemplated that colour but when searching weddings around that colour I wasn't convinced. 
One thing was sure: I wanted the wedding to represent us, our likes and style, but without looking like a fancy dress party. The first thing that came to mind was our love of travelling. I had seen may weddings themed around travel and it didn't quite excite me, it was a little overdone. 
Other things that I wanted to incorporate were: our love of horses, classic cars, my British heritage and our own personal style. We're not the hippy-types but we aren't pompous either. Classic but refined lines, we love nature and colour!
After much searching wedding magazines, Pinterest and instagram I was starting to piece together what I wanted. I made a wedding scrapbook and collected things I liked. There is one thing I quickly figured out: if I wanted my dream wedding I needed some help! I'm not the best at D.I.Y. and I don't have my family close to help me set up things on the day. 
The only option was to hire a decorator, that's when I found The Love Forest. I had originally thought wedding planners were useless and for the lazy, but Patricia was absolutely unbelievable as she was able to understand what I was looking for and helped me make it real!
She was one of the best decisions we made as she sorted the whole timeline of the wedding, had all the providers in check, made the wedding invitations and decorative items, decorated and coordinated on the day! She was priceless and the reason I was so calm on the day, I knew Patri would sort any problems out.
In the end I went for a 1920s style wedding, I love Pride and Prejudice and the Jane Austen era and I wanted it to be as if we were getting married in an English garden. The dress was a 1920s inspired design by Jenny Packham which you can see here: my wedding dress.
I even had frames with some of my favourite frases from the famous book, as well as other frases which carry a lot of meaning to us.

We used vintage wooden chairs and tables with old fashioned frames and vases to decorate the different areas. The centerpieces on the tables are real vintage tureens we bought in shops in England, some date really far back! Also on the tables I had plastic horses in different sizes painted in gold, each person had a horse they could take as a keepsake. 
As for the travelling, each table was a country we had visited, all of them written in the original language of the country. The seating plan was placed outside, small decorated cards with the name of each person, hanging from a tree, very romantic. The tables had the names of the countries in carved out wood we had made for the occasion. 
The large illuminated LOVE letters were brought to the wedding by The Love Forest, but the I and J were made by hand by Suso, which was lots of work and more costly than we expected. They did look awesome though!
In our wedding the decor depended a lot on the flowers which I will be talking to you about in another post. With an even larger budget I would've had more decor and definitely more flowers, but I think the wedding planner did an amazing job and the style was very romantic and had small personal details. It was more amazing than I ever could have imagined!

How would you decorate your wedding?

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