Our Wedding : My Makeup Look

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I continue with my wedding anniversary celebrations by showing you more details of the big day. Today I'm going to show you my makeup look, as well as giving you some tips if you're thinking of getting married. 

I'm so happy to be able to show you all the details of my wedding at last! The other day I showed you the dress, make sure you don't miss it: My wedding dress
As a beauty blogger it was important to get the right makeup look, and although I thought of doing it myself I preferred to leave it to the professionals in case I was very nervous on the day. 

I think that when you are deciding on the look for the day you must stay true to yourself. Many people think there is a specific wedding look but I wouldn't feel like myself if I had a barely there eye look and heavy foundation for example. 
For me the most important thing was having natural skin: even if it were meticulously prepared I didn't want it to look heavy, I wanted it to look juicy and lit from within. 

To achieve this the makeup artist Laura Cuevas Rey used M.A.C. Studio Waterweight Foundation,  a foundation which surprised me as it has a little more coverage than Face and Body but still looks natural and highlighted. 
We didn't want to use mattifying powder, only M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and some highlighter used in a subtle manner. 

The concealer was a great discovery, I always worry that it might settle in fine lines but this one by M.A.C. is great, I had never tried it before! Now it's one of my favourites and you can read my review about it here: M.A.C. Select Moisturecover Concealer

She used a bit of bronzer and contoured lightly and as for the blush she chose M.A.C. Satin Powder Blush in the shade Peony Petal. It's a beautiful colour which looks really flattering and I haven't got any others like it.  
Then I wanted to make my eyes stand out so she used the M.A.C. Eye Shadow x15 Cool Neutral palette, using the shades with mauve and purple undertones to make my green eyes stand out. I also wore fake eyelashes and waterproof mascara just in case. 

I didn't want nude lips either so we opted for M.A.C. Twig, a satin lipstick with a lovely mauve undertone. She also lined my lips with M.A.C. Pro Long Wear Lip Color in the shade Staunchingly Stylish
As you can see I bought a few of the products, because I liked them and to be able to retouch during the wedding. I have to admit that on the day I forgot to do so but it was great to have them just in case, specially the blush and the lipstick. 
I also have to say I ended up crying during the ceremony, and although the mascara survived the eyeshadow didn't, but there isn't much to do!

How would you do your makeup for your wedding, or if you're already married what was your look like?

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