Our Wedding : Horse Carriage and Classic Car

Friday, July 28, 2017

A few of you have asked me about the horse drawn carriage, so today I'm going to talk to you about our methods of transport to the wedding!

We were always sure we were going to take our classic car. We own a 1977 MG B roadster we saved up for together and went to fetch in England. It is a beautiful black soft top which is a real head turner. 
Suso is really into cars so we quickly decided he would be the one to go in the classic car with his mother by his side. It's a two seater so it had to be that way. 
After the ceremony our wedding planner placed a lovely "Just Married" banner on the boot and we had some beautiful photos taken with the car!
I had planned to go to the wedding in our estate car, which is a Skoda Octavia RS, and I actually did go in that car, with my brother, mother and father. We had some bouquets placed on the side mirrors and as it's a white car it was really beautiful. My brother picked me and my father up from the hotel where I got ready and he drove me closer to where the wedding was taking place. 
The horse drawn carriage was a surprise from my mother. When we first started organizing the wedding I couldn't quite imagine myself at the venue, I seemed to be having a hard time forgetting other people's weddings. 
My mother realized this and told me she had booked a beautiful carriage pulled by two white horses, to honour love for horses. As soon as she told me I began to imagine myself arriving at the venue in the carriage, and so the fairytale began!

The horses were two beautiful Andalusian horses and they were so well behaved! The carriage and horses belonged to Carruajes Galicia and they were really nice, offering to wait as long as we needed and to take whoever we wanted. 
Our wedding planner, The Love Forest, decorated the carriage so that it would follow the style of the whole wedding.
Both the classic car and horses showed our love for those things so we were very happy to have been able to include them in our wedding!
How would you like to arrive at your wedding?

Horse Carriage by Carruajes Galicia
Flowers by Pando Floristas
Decor by The Love Forest

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