Dyptique Resine Candle Holiday 2014

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This is the first time I actually purchase a Dyptique candle, and I decided to go for a holiday exclusive one! Let's take a look at this lovely candle in it's gorgeous packaging!

Before I became a blogger I never understood the hype behind candles, I would watch beauty bloggers rave about expensive candles, feeling perplexed at why anyone would spend that amount on a candle! Fast forward a couple of years and I'm lusting over beautiful and expensive candles. Now I get it...

Until now the only Dyptique candles I had tried were included in gift with purchases in Space NK. I thought it was time to try one, and what better opportunity than the candles for the holiday season! Dyptique has released three limited edition candles: Épice, Résine and Hiver. Not only are the scents special for the season but the packaging is special too!
The packaging has been designed by Qubo Gas, who are French artists, and I think they're gorgeous! They come in three options: large 6.5 oz, mini 2.4 oz and the trio of minis. The design is similar in the large and miniature candle so you won't feel you're missing out if you get the smaller size. In the large candles the jars are frosted ombré whereas the small ones aren't frosted.

I only picked up one in the small size and I chose Résine. I loved the colour of the Épice jar but I wanted to try one that would smell of pine as I think that's really Christmassy. I'm really happy I picked this one up because it's a lovely scent for the holiday season.

It's supposed to be similar to last year's popular Pine Bark but not as woody, a bit more subdued. This makes the candle absolutely lovely to burn, it really smells like pine tree bark without the sharp scent. It's a really great scent and even my boyfriend has been enjoying it.

I really wish I had picked up the whole set. I was hoping to pick up a couple more in the sales but they haven't popped up so that probably means they sold a fair amount before the sales. I will be enjoying this one and I'll probably buy more Dyptique candles in the future!

Which is your favorite Dyptique candle?

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