Help me Pack for Surprise Secret Trip

Thursday, December 04, 2014

My boyfriend suddenly announced we're going on a surprise holiday for four days somewhere. I have no clue where it could be so I'm not sure what to pack, take a look at what I've chosen.
I'm incredibly excited because he planned all this by himself and I won't know where I'm going until we're at the airport. I know it's about an hour and a half away but that could be a lot of places in Europe. He has told me the temperature will be more or less like here so it may be somewhere in Spain? 

I can only take 10 kg carry-on so I have to choose small samples of makeup and liquids so take a look at what I've packed. I'll also be showing you what clothes and accessories I'll be taking! 
Make sure you follow me on instagram and twitter if you want to find out where I am this weekend!

Have you ever taken a surprise trip?

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