Surprise Trip to Barcelona : Day 3

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I thought we wouldn't have much to do on a Sunday but Barcelona never sleeps and there was plenty to do and we had a wonderful time. Take a look at what we got up to on our third day in Barcelona.

It was Sunday so we decided to have a bit of a lie in and I had a lovely bath in the hotel which was very relaxing. We then went to have a large breakfast and decided to walk to the famous Sagrada Familia as it was relatively near our hotel. It was another sunny but chilly day so it was a pleasant walk to the world famous site.

The Sagrada Familia is a very large church which was designed by the artist Gaudí. It still hasn't been finished even though they started building it in 1882 so it's still very much a work in progress and will probably take a couple of centuries more to complete!

The church is very much unlike anything I've ever seen, Gaudí really showed his style in this gigantic and crazy-looking church, it really is a curious place to visit. Even though it was 11 am there were still many people and we discovered there was a three hour queue to go inside!

We were supposed to be having lunch with my boyfriend's cousins so we couldn't wait so long. Instead we went to a lovely Christmas market next to the Sagrada Familia. It was better than the market we had seen the day before as there weren't as many people. My fingers were frozen so I bought myself some gloves (smelly gloves, they seemed to come straight from the sheep haha)

My boyfriend's family came to pick us up and we went to have lunch at their house. They prepared a barbecue with steaks, ribs, chorizos and some green onions which were also grilled on the barbecue. This is very typical in Cataluña so it was great to have the opportunity to try some traditional food. It was also lovely to hear from their life here in Barcelona!

After lunch we decided to go to Montjuic to see the Olympic area of the city. I remember when Spain hosted the Olympics in 1992, it was exciting and everyone in Spain felt special and important. This whole area of the city was developed for the occasion and it's really interesting to see this.
The first place we went to is to the large Olympic Stadium which was home to the Espanyol football club for many years. Now it's used to host different sporting events and for concerts, Elton John was there the day before coincidentally! The stadium was pretty impressive and I enjoyed visiting it.

We walked around the stadium to take a look at the Montjuic Telecommunications Tower which is known as Calatrava Tower. It was built to transmit television coverage of the Olympics and it's pretty impressive as it's supposed to look like a man holding the Olympic flame. It's really tall and still in use to this day. 

When it got dark we went back to the centre of Barcelona and decided to walk to some of the famous Gaudí buildings. They are in Paseo de Gracia and they're Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. Unfortunately we were late to both so we weren't able to go inside. Nevertheless they're worth a visit and unlike any building you'll probably ever see. La Pedrera was being redone so we couldn't see the building properly but it was still it was a nice walk to that area of the city. 

We carried on enjoying the Christmas spirit of the city with its streets full of people shopping and going out to drinks with friends. I loved looking at the expensive shops in Paseo de Gracia, I could drool at Chanel bags, marvel at Miu Miu goodies and stare at Balenciaga bags!

Everything was so decorated and I particularly liked the giant Tous Christmas tree which was displaying twitter messages to the brand. I thought it was a great idea and lots of people were waiting for their message to appear on the tree!

It was time to have dinner and we tried to look up on the internet which places were good to go to. I always find it complicated to find a good place this way so we just ended up going to a restaurant we passed on Paseo de Gracia. It was very nicely decorated and we had a pleasant dinner although it was quite cold as it's open to the street!

 It had been a long and fun day so we headed back to our hotel for the last night!

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