7 Reasons Why It's Worth Punting in Cambridge in Winter

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

There's no doubt that punting in Cambridge is a great experience for tourists and it's definitely a must-have if you've never seen the city from the water, but what about winter? Is it a crazy idea?

When I was studying in Cambridge I always took advantage of the privilege of using the college-owned punts, it was free and so much fun. Unfortunately I now have to pay like any other tourist, and on top of that we were faced with a cold February day.

But I'm going to tell you why you should actually give it a go!

1 - It can also be sunny in February! I know, it may sound impossible but there are beautiful days all year round, just take a look at the beautiful photos I took that day!

2 - The river Cam isn't full of punts! Just take a look at the empty waters, we only crossed a couple of punts, so it was calm and better for photo-taking!

3 - It's much cheaper! There aren't as many tourists around, and most don't consider a punt ride in the cold, so you can get to go very cheaply, which is always a great thing.

4 - It's almost like a private tour! There weren't many of us in the boat and there were hardly any punters anyway, so we got our own guide to explain the colleges to us, it felt extra special!

5 - You will cuddle! I can't hide the fact that it's very cold, but at least you get some blankets to cover your legs and if you're going with a special someone it'll bring you closer together!

6- You'll probably see more! As there aren't as many punts around you'll get more out of your ride, you'll probably go further down the river!

7- No queueing for your ride! Sometimes you have to wait quite a while in summer when there are hoards of tourists. Here you get to choose when you go without a care in the world!

Have you ever been punting in Cambridge?

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