MAC Plumful review and swatches

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I had lost my faith a little in MAC lipsticks, they have a wonderful shade selection and lots of different finishes to choose from, but I was having problems with a lot of them. They were either too dry, or enhanced dryness or settled in lines. But Plumful made me fall in love again...

I still have a fair amount of MAC makeup so when I finish six products I promptly go to my nearest MAC stand to choose my free lipstick. I really love the Back to MAC programme and I wish other companies did the same!
Last time I went I wanted to buy one of the Kylie Jenner trend lipsticks, but none of them were in stock so I chose one that had been on my wishlist for quite a while: Plumful. 

As soon as I tried it on I fell in love again I forgave MAC for all the lipsticks that didn't quite work on me. This one is shiny, flattering and brightens my whole face without being overpowering. This shade is a real must-have in my opinion!


Don't be scared by the colour in the bullet because it's a sheer finish so it isn't over the top at all. It's a pinky-plum lipstick which will look more pink or plum depending on your natural pigmentation as it's quite a translucent shade.
It's very flattering and brightening without being over the top. The finish is a bit shiny but not overly glossy.


Plumful is a Lustre finish lipstick which means it's the sheerest of the range with the least amount of pigmentation and most slip. It is actually one of my favourite formulas for MAC lipsticks because they're more forgiving on dry lips. 


As I mentioned earlier, I have been very disappointed with MAC lipstick formulas; many are too drying or unforgiving on dry lips and a lot settle in lip lines. 
In this case the formula is sheer and looks shiny on the lips so it is very forgiving. It makes my lips look plump and juicy.
I wouldn't say it's moisturizing but it isn't drying either, so it's quite comfortable to wear.

Lasting power

The Lustre finish isn't the most long-wearing as it's sheer and slippery. I don't get a very long wear from this lipstick but I don't really mind reapplying. It doesn't wear unevenly because it's quite translucent so you won't get the dreaded lined lips and worn centre. 


I'm very happy to have picked up this lipstick, specially because I had lost my faith in MAC lipsticks! It's comfortable to wear and flattering and I think you can wear this shade all year round, I certainly will at least!

Which was your last MAC lipstick purchase?

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