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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

This Saturday I was lucky enough to go to my first beauty show and blogger event. I'm still on low buy so I behaved and didn't really buy much. I do however have a little haul for you today because I was given a few goodies at some of the stands and I bought one little thing for me too!

The Beauty Show had many exhibitions and stands of different beauty related things. I thought they'd mainly be makeup and skincare stands but I was surprised by the wide variety of stands; there were fitness and body care specialists, teeth whitening clinics, hairdressing stands and even laser eye surgery clinics were represented. 

As it was the I Blogger Event at the same time I actually didn't have that much time to take a close look at all the different stands which was a real shame. Nevertheless here are the things that I hauled on Saturday: 

They gave us quite a few magazines and I probably could have picked up more if I had had the time to visit more of the stands. Two of the magazines were given to us at the entrance about hairdressing, the other is about beauty and fashion and I also picked up a makeup catalogue by a Swedish brand.
At the first blogger course we attended we were given this little bag with products from a natural beauty line called Montalto. It's from Italy and we got a nice selection of beauty and makeup products. It was a nice touch to get a full sized lipstick and lip pencil!
One of the makes which was taking part in many of the courses was Ten Image. I had never tried anything by this Spanish brand and I am happy to give this red nail polish a go. We were given the nail polish at the VIP Blogger Cocktail party on Saturday night. 
These are the last products I got for free. I was approached by a seller from one of the stands who introduced me to Oriflame, a Swedish beauty brand which sells via catalogue. I had never tried anything by them so they gave me a tinted lip balm and two sachets: a day cream and a night cream. 
One of the most exciting stands was the Essie one, with hundreds of nail polishes, treatments and everything one might need. Some bloggers were given two mini nail polishes but I didn't but I was interested in trying out their treatment line as my nails are very problematic. I purchased the Essie Millionails which I will be reviewing once I've given it a fair trial. 

So this is my haul from my first ever Beauty Show. It was a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to trying out some of these products as they're all new to me!

I'd really love to go to a large expo such as IMATS. Have you ever been to a beauty show? 

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