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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Many people have the pre-conceived idea that Sensilis is a cosmetics brand for the mature skin, but I think they've changed their image completely and want to show us what they really offer: great products with natural ingredients to enhance our beauty. 

I really wanted to try this brand because I had the impression it could be a good choice for sensitive skin, and a cosmetics and makeup brand which is sold at pharmacies is something I find very interesting indeed.
You all know how important I think it is to use products that won't damage our skin, but rather help it!
Some beauty bloggers and clients were invited to a Sensilis event at the Rego Lodos Pharmacy. It is a local pharmacy which is fast becoming a beauty addict's dream pharmacy.
As soon as we went in I was shocked by the beauty of the place. The decor and ambiance was amazing, I think the photos speak for themselves. There was an area where they would do the presentation, a vanity to try out products and an area with food for everyone!
The Sensilis girls showed us a very different image of the brand, as one which has been 40 years on the market providing natural cosmetics, without parabens or toxic components, no allergens and cruelty-free
And not only that, it's a brand which wants to enhance our own natural beauty, at any age and for any skin type. 
The brand has a wide range of cosmetic products: skincare, makeup, sunscreen, body care, hair care, etc. I'm sure we all would've loved to try everything but there wasn't time so the girls showed us a small selection:

Skin Delight Revitalizing Black Exfoliator 
This natural exfoliator contains carbon and very fine particles to perform a peeling which will give us brightened skin.
Using this scrub once or twice a week we will eliminate dead cells, stimulate regeneration and help unify the tone of our skin. It's suitable for all skin types but you must always be careful with physical exfoliators if you have sensitive skin. 
Supreme DTX Huile Essentielle Detox
We were all really interested in the next product, an oil which combines 10 natural vegetable oils and vitamins and be used on the body, face and hair.
It's a spray and it provides anti oxidizing, regenerating and anti aging effects. 
Sensilis Skin Performer
This is a primer to be used before makeup, pink tone to act as a corrector and it contains volatile silicones to provide a smooth base to apply makeup.
I can't wait to try it as I've got large pores and primers can help the application of foundation.
Sensilis Lipsticks
If you thought Sensilis didn't have any daring colours I can assure you they have a wide range of fun colours in their makeup range.
These lipsticks contain hyaluronic acid to hydrate the lips and micro-encapsulated retinol to provide and antiaging effect.
They have three types of finishes in their range: satin finish, matte finish and shiny finish. Each type provides a different intensity and creaminess, it's great that there are different finishes to choose from!
Sensilis Hydrablush
I loved this two-toned blush because the texture seems like a creamy powder and the shades look very flattering. The macadamia oil it contains helps to hydrate the skin so it's a perfect formula for even the driest skin. 
We also saw other products which were very interesting and after checking them out in person I changed my view of the brand. It worries about our skin and provides products with natural ingredients to enhance our own beauty.

After the interesting presentation we headed to the vanity where we could try all the makeup such as foundation, bronzer, eyeshadows and lipsticks.
Imagine a group of beauty addicts being allowed to try anything we wanted at the vanity!
If that wasn't enough, Paprica Restaurant had prepared a succulent tasting session. I had already tried their sushi before but this time I also tried their tartare, gazpacho, mini burgers and all accompanied by Bloody Marys in test tubes!
It was all incredibly yummy and if you ever come to my hometown Lugo you really must go to this restaurant because it's an amazing place!
As for something sweet, there were loads of personalized cakes with the Sensilis logo. It was all homemade, it was so yummy and the best is that she's going to open a cake shop soon in my city (I can't wait!)
The event was absolutely amazing, thank you so much Rego Lodos Pharmacy and Sensilis for giving me the opportunity to try out all these products and give my readers my opinion on them. 
If you're interested in finding out more about Sensilis make sure you keep an eye on the blog because I'll be trying them out and giving you my honest review, I have to say my first impressions are great!

Had you heard of Sensilis before? What was your view of the brand?

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  1. I've heard good things about this sensilis product! Going on my wish list now.

  2. I've heard good things about this sensilis antiaging product. Going on my wish list now!


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