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Thursday, March 31, 2016

You all know I love fashion, and I find it fascinating the way it influences our daily lives. Today's post features a limited edition collection by IKEA which is comes straight from the runway!

Katy Eary is a British clothes designer who has a very different style to what we're used to. She loves colour, unusual images and making an impact with the design, which is always printed digitally. IKEA has decided to create a collection in collaboration with this amazing designer!

Katy Eary considers you don't need to have a load of beautiful things in your home, with a couple of special elements which show your personality it's enough. It's quite obvious that her vision of fashion is clearly colorful and striking, but choosing select pieces can add a special touch to our home decor.

GILTIG collection consists of lamps, plates, cups, bowls, pillow covers, towels, t-shirts, bags and many other things to brighten up or add something different to our home.

If you're #LookingForSomethingDifferent as IKEA says, here is a limited edition from a fashion designer at an affordable price.
I love the dishes with the colourful fish, ¿what do you like?

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