* Bella Aurora Bio10 Anti Dark Spots Serum Review

Monday, August 08, 2016

I'm sure most of you know I battle large dark spots on my forehead and cheek as well as freckles in the summer. I was really excited to find out if this anti dark spots serum would help me reduce them or eliminate them.
Bella Aurora is a Spanish brand which specializes in the treatment of dark spots. They have a wide range of serums, creams and sunscreens for all types of skins and I was sent a sunscreen, serum and exfoliator to try out.

This product is supposed to have the highest concentration of depigmenting components of the brand's range, reducing and eliminating current marks and preventing the appearance of new ones.
I had previously tried their Splendor 10 moisturizer in winter and I liked how it brightened my complexion and faded my dark spots so I couldn't wait to start with the serum.
How to use
Apparently you need at least 10 weeks of use although results should be visible from the 6th week. I have been using it twice daily ever since I received it so I am able to give an honest review.

You are supposed to apply a small amount on clean skin twice a day, all over the face, not only on your dark spots, until it's absorbed.
In order to make sure it's effective you should also use sunscreen daily and use an exfoliator once or twice a week. As they sent me those too I also used them as indicated.

It can be used all year round and also by pregnant and lactating women without any problems. It doesn't contain photosensitive ingredients so it can be used in summer without sunscreen.

This serum contains several depigmenting ingredients to help reduce dark spots, although I have to say that they aren't high on the ingredients list:
- Biobenefity which controls melanocytes and keratinocytes preventing aging.
- Soy isoflavones are supposed to inhibit the signal between the melanocyte and keratinocyte.
- Watercress extract reduced dark spots and is an antioxidant.
- Vitamin C which transforms oxidized melanin into colourless components, thus depigmenting.
- Mitracarpa and Gayuba extract which both inhibit tyrosinase.
- Lactic protein to regulate the route of melanocytes, is also an anti-inflammatory and protector.
- Calcium Patetein sulphonate which regenerates and depigments as well as being a natural UVB protector.
- Azelaic acid and Glycine to depigment and regenerate.
Formula and Finish
Although it is classed as a serum it's more like a cream. It's white and has a slight fragrance to it, I find I need two pumps to cover my whole face.
You're meant to massage it until it is absorbed into the skin, but it isn't very thick in texture so I can quickly go onto my next skincare step.

The one I have is for dry skin but it doesn't contain oils and I didn't feel it making my skin oilier, it didn't affect my foundation whatsoever in fact.

I have waited as long as possible to review this product because I was really hoping to see some visible effects.
I have to say that it's a nice serum to apply, it leaves my skin smooth and it works well beneath makeup. Unfortunately I haven't noticed my dark spots lightening enough, my dark spots became much worse on my honeymoon despite using daily SPF50+ sunscreen and since then I've been battling to get rid of them. 
I think that this serum contains some interesting active ingredients but perhaps due to the price point they aren't in a high enough concentration for noticeably dark sun spots like mine are.
Perhaps its effects are enough for smaller marks and in other seasons like winter when it's easier to keep them at bay.
Unfortunately this serum wasn't effective enough for my dark spots to disappear so I will carry on looking for a better option.
Do you use any anti dark spots products and which are your favourite?

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