* My hand-painted leather Cabuxa cross body bag

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

I have been really looking forward to showing you this lovely handmade leather bag by a local brand. I think the design of it is really original and different to anything I own.

Cabuxa is a Galician leather workshop here in the north of Spain where they create high quality bags and accessories. All of them feature exquisite artisan leatherwork and unique designs, take a closer look!

They sent me the handbag wrapped in the most beautiful way, I really love brands which pay attention to detail and go out of their way for the full experience. The packaging itself even featured a lovely leather butterfly which I carefully unstuck and kept as it's amazing!
Also in the parcel was a lovely hair clip with a lovely white leather flower, isn't it incredibly cute?

Onto the handbag: it's a lovely cross body bag with this very original design from the Coquette collection. The whole Coquette collection was hand-drawn by the illustrator Vanesa Datorre who is also a fashion designer.
I love that the drawing is a fashionista's bedroom, with the vanity, clothes and accessories beautifully drawn.

The bandolier is rectangular in shape, very thin like an envelope clutch, the dimensions are 22x25 cm, not very large specially as it's very thin.
The strap is quite long and simple and has a knot on each end which can be retied and therefore you can adjust the length of the strap.
It features a double magnetic lock and there are two pockets: an exterior one with the drawing and an interior one with a zip which I find very handy.

Take a look at this outfit I posted a while back featuring this lovely bag: Chic Neutral Outfit of the Day.

The handbag is made of bovine leather and the internal lining is natural linen. You can see the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. Mine is green but they also have other colours to choose from. 
I really recommend you take a look at the whole of the Coquette collection here to see other bags and accessories with the same drawing.

But the best about Cabuxa is that they use several different illustrators and designers so if this drawing isn't your cup of tea they have many other completely different designs, there is even a nude collection which is just plain leather!

Do you like this bandolier?

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