* Review of a Anti-Dark Spots Sunscreen by Bella Aurora

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I have a few noticeable dark spots so using sunscreen is incredibly important for me. This one by Bella Aurora is very interesting because it also offers anti dark spots treatment. 

A while ago I was sent three products by Bella Aurora to combat my dark spots. I have already spoken to you about the Bella Aurora Bio10 Anti Dark Spots serum here, so today I'm going to show you the sunscreen. 

This sunscreen not only offers protection against UVA, UVB and IR rays, it is also supposed to reduce the appearance of existing dark spots as it contains depigmenting ingredients, which I thought was really interesting. 

First off, it contains sun filters of course, both chemical to absorb rays and physical to reflect them, encapsulated in a dual-sphered system (not sure what that means) but it's supposed to offer maximum protection. 
It also contains Thermus thermophilus ferment for IR protection. 

As for depigmenting ingredients, it contains ferric acid and hydroxycinnamic acid which are antioxidants and also regulate the synthesis of melanin, which is what colours the skin!

If you had tried this sunscreen before, I just wanted to add that this new fluid sunscreen has a new enhanced formula which provides more hydration and antioxidants.

This fluid has been formulated for normal to dry skin, mine is more combination to oily so I would probably have chosen the one for that type of skin. They also have one for sensitive skin so it's great they have several different ones. 

You're supposed to apply this fluid daily after your morning cream. It isn't only for the summer but all year round, as the sun will cause damage no matter the season. 
Obviously it's best to use a product like this in combination with another dark-spot treatment such as the serum I reviewed by the same brand. 
Formula and Finish
This is a light white fluid texture which is easily spread over the skin. You don't need much to cover the whole skin and it seems to absorb quite quickly

It has a matte transparent finish although I have to say that my foundation doesn't sit well over it and it seems to break up a while later, especially around my temples. Perhaps this is because I have oily skin and this is a little too moisturizing for my skin?

I have used this sunscreen the whole of August and most of June and it has protected me well from the sun. Even in the bright sun I didn't get burnt and my dark spots haven't got any worse. 
I don't think that it is powerful enough to eliminate dark spots on its own, but it's an interesting extra step in our battle against sun spots.

My main complaint is that it doesn't seem to work well with my makeup which is a real nuisance as I wear foundation daily. This won't be much of a problem if you are usually bare-faced, but if I apply enough fluid to assure full protection I always have problems later on with my foundation.

It is nicely priced at around 10 pounds for 50 ml and it is a high protection sunscreen with depigmenting ingredients. 

Do you use daily facial sunscreen like I do?

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