MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer Review

Monday, August 29, 2016

Now where was this concealer hiding all these years? I always hear of the Pro Longwear or Mineralized concealer, but I think I have found one by MAC I much prefer to the others I've tried by this brand. 

Many of you may know by now that I had a M.A.C. makeup artist for my wedding day makeup. I have known them for years and they know what sort of makeup I like so it seemed like the logical choice. 
One of my biggest fears was my skin, because I don't like to wear a mask or have cakey makeup and if not done properly it can settle in my fine lines, which I cannot stand. My under-eye area is one of the worst areas: I don't have dark circles so it's really annoying to have fine lines that only seem visible when I apply concealer. Sometimes I have almost felt tempted not to use concealer at all haha!

I was pleasantly surprised however when the makeup artist applied this concealer in the trial. I purchased it immediately and have been using it ever since!
MAC uses a similar packaging as their lip glosses, in a transparent tube with a doe foot applicator. It's easy to use, you don't need to put your fingers in it and it stores nicely. 

The doe foot applicator isn't to be used for blending, you only need to apply two very small dots of product and then blend it out with your fingers for the best finish. 

Formula and Finish
This is a liquid concealer of medium consistency, neither too runny or too thick. It seems to provide some hydration to my undereye area which is essential to me. 
It's easy to blend into the skin and gives a satin finish to the area, without settling into fine lines. It doesn't get cakey either after it dries out, which is a dream to me. 
Coverage and Lasting Power
The coverage of this concealer is light to medium, which is perfect in my case as I haven't got dark circles, but it definitely wouldn't be enough for people with darker circles or even for pigmentation marks or blemishes. 
It is also not the best for the rest of the face, due to it's coverage and because it doesn't fare well with oily skin. 

As for durability, it actually lasts a fair amount of time, 7-8 hours average although if you have oily skin you may need to set it and it may not last as long. I'm happy with the amount of time it stays put and it never creases so it's brilliant for me. 
You get 5 ml for £16 and you only need a very small amount so it'll last you a fair amount of time. I think that it's a wonderful option for those needing an under-eye concealer that does not crease.

I wouldn't recommend it for those who have very dark under-eye circles and want more coverage, but if you just want to brighten the area slightly and provide a clean look this will be perfect. 

It isn't a do-it-all concealer, you'll need a different one for spots and blemishes, but I have to say that my under-eye area has never looked or felt so good!

What's your favourite concealer?

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