Checked Shirt for a Casual Day with the Horses

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

This weekend I spent Sunday with my parents and all my animals, it was a calm day to relax with my horses and specially with Latina W, the gentle giant, my competition horse. 

Latina and I make a great team, we used to win or place all the show jumping competitions we went to. She is now retired and has a few white hairs on her muzzle but she's still the gentle giant with a heart of gold. Everyone who ever saw her jump remembers her because she was amazing, I don't think I'll ever own such an amazing horse!

For this relaxing day I wore a casual look: the checked shirt from ZARA has a real country feel but it's still classy as it's in black and white. I have paired it with some black Topshop Jamie Jeans which are quite elastic and very comfortable to wear. 

I would've preferred them not to have the tears at the knees for this look, but these are my only Topshop jeans at the moment so they had to do. I'm also wearing my black Victorio and Lucchino watch which my boyfriend gave to me, I have to say it's a black and white look today again!

I hope you enjoyed meeting one of my horses, perhaps they'll feature from time to time here on my page! Do you like horses?

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