Hourglass Brow Arch Sculpting Pencil

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Here is a great option for natural brows if you don't want to fiddle with the brow gels and you're used to brow pencils. I have been using this high end option for over a year now and it was time for me to show it to you before I finished it!

I have very sparse brows and they're very light in colour, so getting them to look fuller and still be natural can be somewhat of a difficult task. We've all been there: used a brow pencil, filled in our brows and we look good from a distance but really we have painted on our brows. Shock horror!

I'm happy to report that this won't happen with the Brow Arch Sculpting Pencil by Hourglass. They have somehow come up with the formula which will give you enough colour without pulling out all your brows and yet is softened and natural. 
Hourglass is a very luxurious brand, and even their brow pencil has a luxurious feel to it. As you can see it's housed in a very long metal casing which is comfortable to hold and weighted in the perfect manner. 
On one end we have a spoolie which is great for taming your brows at the beginning and you can also use it to correct mistakes if you go a little overboard with the pencil. 

The other end is the pencil which has an amazing shape. That is the main thing that drew my attention the first time I saw it. If you look at it head-on it's a triangle, so you have a wider edge and a sharper one to help you fill in your sparse brows. 
It's also an automatic pencil so you don't need to sharpen it and worry about losing product. You can wind it down once you've finished using it!
Hourglass claims it has the benefits of a powder and a wax to give a soft, full look. I have to agree with this statement entirely. Although it has the format of a pencil, the way it deposits the product makes it look like a powder but the wax it contains means it's more long lasting. 

It's the perfect texture: not too hard that it'll pull of your brow hairs but not too soft that it leaves too much pigment. It's firm but feels powdery and the wax keeps the hairs more or less in the right place. 

I have read that it's waterproof but I haven't had the chance to try that, only that I wear it all day without worrying about my brows. 
I really believe it's important to purchase this product knowing exactly the look you will achieve, because it is a certain type of brow. It's very difficult due to the shape and formula to get precise lines, so you can't draw in individual hairs or reshape your brows very much. You can't really get very defined brows with this pencil either. 

What you will have, on the other hand, are very beautiful, natural, soft brows. This is the perfect pencil to fill in sparse brows and look polished without looking done up, it still looks very natural as you can see in the photos.
In the photos one brow has been filled in and another hasn't, for comparison. 

There are three shades: Blonde, Soft Brunette and Dark Brunette. This isn't a very wide selection and I wasn't able to try them out in person but from swatches I thought that Blonde might be too reddish in tone for my brows. 

I picked up Soft Brunette which is a perfect colour because it isn't too warm and if applied lightly isn't too dark. It's a shade that would suit many brows as it is a bit ashy and very brow-like in colour. 
I'm not a super brow artist so the sort of product I am looking for has to be easy to use and give me natural-looking brows. This pencil by Hourglass fits the bill exactly. 

It's quite pricey at £26 pounds but you get the whole package with this pencil: luxurious, no need to sharpen, a spoolie, powder and wax in one, waterproof and easy to use. I have almost finished it so I may pick it up again although I'm quite obsessed with brow gels at the moment. 

What do you use for your brows?

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