Nelson Honey's Royal Nectar Moisturising Face Lift with Bee Venom

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Ever since people found out that Kate Middleton's secret was bee venom masks there has been a surge of products which contain bee venom. I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't give one of the options a good go, so here is my review on this moisturizing face lift. 

Nelson Honey is a company with very humble beginnings; it started out in 1973 as a small apiary in New Zealand and since then they've moved from honey production to health and cosmetics containing bee venom, manuka honey and propolis. 
This moisturising cream has been formulated for a rapid anti-aging effect due to a mix of waxes and oils with Manuka Honey and Bee Venom. The bee venom is supposed to stimulate the facial muscles so that the skin becomes firmer. 
Many famous people reportedly use masks and creams containing bee venom instead of botox, so I was very intrigued indeed!

It's important to note that some people can be allergic to it so they recommend a test patch application first. It can be used daily, up to twice a day. I have been using it in the evening before going to bed 4 times a week. 
The cream is white and very thick in consistency, I can detect a faint scent which isn't the nicest but isn't offending. It's thick to spread and it seems to take a while to absorb into the skin. I thought that was a bit strange but I have read that other creams with bee venom are similar. 

Once you apply the cream you do feel a slight tingling and warmth to the skin. The feeling doesn't last long but I definitely felt it every single time I applied the cream. In a way it actually made me feel it was actually doing something to my skin. 
After 4 months of use I have to say that I haven't noticed any miraculous effects. It isn't very moisturizing, it's okay on my oily skin but if you have dry skin it probably won't be enough. I haven't got very aged skin so perhaps the effect would be more visible on more mature skin.
The ingredients are natural and Manuka Honey is known to be very good for the skin, nevertheless I'm not sure if Bee Venom is beneficial or just a temporary "sting" for your face!

I don't think I'd repurchase it again, and at £45 it isn't very cheap. I don't like the packaging too much as a clear jar isn't the best container for this type of cream. They even indicate on the site that you should store it in a cool dark place, so perhaps it should be in a different kind of packaging. 

Would you try bee venom?

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