Surprise Trip : One Week and I don't know where!

Friday, May 15, 2015

OMG I'm so excited I can't write properly!! I am going on a surprise trip for a week starting this Sunday!! And I don't even know where!

My sweet boyfriend suddenly gave me a card with a picture of an aeroplane and some maps, with the lovely words "Come Fly with Me". I had no idea what it meant and inside the only thing he had written was: "Do you dare?"
He explained we were going on a trip for a week, he wasn't going to tell me anything but what with youtube, blog, my job and private classes I needed the time to organize myself.

He hasn't given me any clues other than it'll be hot and to pack a bikini or two! I'm extremely excited and I'll be taking my camera and camcorder too. If I get the chance I'll record something to show you in a vlog!
So I may not be answering tweets and messages much next week but hopefully my programmed posts and videos will go up as usual.

Where do you think I'll be next week?

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