Getting to know IKEA and the new Nipprig Limited Edition Collection

Friday, May 01, 2015

I absolutely love IKEA, I know not everyone does but I like their concept of offering cheap furniture and accessories for your home that are still well designed, functional and good quality. Last weekend I got the chance to get to know IKEA Coruña better: the way they work, their staff, their products and their philosophy. 

Going to IKEA is always a full day experience for me. Whenever I go with my family we spend most of the day there, we eat at their restaurant, browse their aisles and buy way too many things. This blogger event was pretty much the same: a full experience!
The IKEA Food team provided an amazing breakfast for us bloggers. It was Waffle Day in Sweden so we each had a freshly made heart-shaped salted waffle with lovely sweet marmalade. But we also had a whole lot of other yummy things to choose from, such as doughnuts, traditional cinnamon rolls, muffins, chocolates and biscuits. 
It was all really tasty because it was freshly baked in the IKEA kitchen. They will now be offering fresh pastries so it was great to try it all! We also had freshly squeezed orange juice and strong coffee to have with our breakfast. 
Nipprig Collection
The IKEA designer team had set up the space for us to enjoy our breakfast. The decoration was amazing and we were later told it was all decorated with the new Nipprig collection. From the mats to the baskets and lampshades, it was a lovely spring setting and we hardly even realized we were surrounded by the IKEA store.
IKEA have limited edition collections which are designed to inspire us and brighten our home space! From the 13th of April the new Nipprig collection is available in all IKEA stores and has been designed in collaboration with Vietnamese and Indonesian craftsmen. 
All the items have been handmade with renewable natural materials such as water hyacinth, bamboo, banana, coconut and rattan. Some of us bloggers were a little worried about exploitation but they assured us that IKEA follows strict guidelines which is great to hear!
The collection is lovely and very well priced. They had some really original items such as chairs, mats, cushions, baskets and all sorts of interesting items. Take a look at some of the items I've featured in my photos and if you like anything you see make sure you buy it before it runs out. 
IKEA Philosophy
One of the things I most liked about the event was getting to know what it's like to work in IKEA and their philosophy. IKEA wants to improve our daily lives so not only do they offer good products but a full experience. 
I was surprised to find out that they do many projects, they help several different charities, offer courses and activities for families and they make sure they are helping our future and Earth's future. 
The people working in IKEA have a very high satisfaction rate and they get the chance to climb up the ladder if they're good. They employ many women and young staff and they provide a lot of jobs locally. 
The staff we met were really helpful and fun and you could tell they were passionate and experienced in their field. You could tell they really enjoyed their job and it was contagious!

We had a real blast because they made the event really fun; there was a trivial contest (and I knew most of the answers!), a trip to their offices (which were really cool and innovative), some fun with straw hats (bloggers+hats=sillyness) and even a little welcome pack for each blogger (they must know us bloggers as they included a candle!). 
We had a wonderful time and learnt a lot about IKEA and the way they work. I'm really happy with their philosophy and I think I like IKEA even more now!
Do you ever buy in IKEA?

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