MAC is Beauty Collection : Preening Eyeshadow , Real Redhead Lipstick , Doll Me Up Nail Polish

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I hadn't featured any limited edition MAC collections for quite some time now, but I have three items from the MAC is Beauty collection to show you today. Let's see if they're any good!

I always used to be in the know of all the MAC collections, it was exciting to try and grab items as soon as they were released and you felt like you had managed to buy something really exclusive, regardless of quality or colour.
But I got tired of the never-ending limited edition collections that are sold out in a flash, and as a blogger I have to spend money on products that I can only feature once!

My mother was nice enough to pick me up some goodies from the MAC is Beauty collection, so here are the three items I am going to show you today:

Preening Satin Eyeshadow

This is a lovely pale mint green eyeshadow which is a perfect colour for Spring as pastels are very much in fashion at the moment.
This is a satin shadow but it is almost matte on the lid with a very slight sheen so the finish isn't too chalky.

Preening is very soft and pale and the pigmentation is sheerer than what you see in the pan. It is quite buildable however and you can use a white base to make the color stand out more.
I'm actually very happy with this colour, it looks very pretty on the lids and I haven't got anything like it in my collection. As it isn't very pigmented it doesn't look crazy on the eyelids but if you wanted it to be true to pan you might be disappointed.

Real Redhead Lustre Lipstick

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with MAC lipsticks, because some of the formulas don't work with me. Lustre lipsticks seem to be okay with my lips so I was very happy to get this lustre lipstick from the collection.

When I first read the name I thought it would be a red lipstick so I was surprised to see it's actually a nude. It's described as a mauve nude, but to me it seems more like a peachy nude. It is definitely a warm lipstick which is sheer on the lips and has a golden sheen. 

Just like other lustres it doesn't have high coverage, your natural lip colour shines through so it's more of a my lips but better shade. It isn't drying on the lips and doesn't settle into lip lines although it isn't very long wearing, it will last a couple of hours. 

Doll Me Up Nail Lacquer

This is a lovely pale mint green, quite similar to the eyeshadow I have just shown you. The nail polish has a cream finish and it's a lovely pastel for Spring. 
I applied two coats so that it wouldn't be streaky and it's a lovely nail polish for this season. Nail varnish doesn't usually last very long on me, without a topcoat it lasted two days before it started chipping, but all nail polish chips badly on me!
I'm very happy with the three items I have got from the collection. They may not seem like particularly exciting shades or finishes but they work well together to give a lovely spring look. I have been using them a lot since I got them and I feel very feminine with these pastel colours and soft peachy lips. 

If you still have the chance to buy anything from the MAC is Beauty collection and you like pastel shades I suggest you take a look. They're nice shades for Spring!

Do you like pastel shades?

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